The perishable industry has achieved tremendous growth in recent years and has been innovative in its use of technology, packing, distribution, and its development of a much wider product range. Its importance to MASTERS is reflected in our hands on service from customer to point of delivery.

The wide exchange of perishable products between countries thousands of miles and several days or weeks apart have been made possible by new technology and techniques being used to ship refrigerated cargo.

MASTERS specializes in perishable cargo transportation, providing expert service in this area of freight forwarding. Forwarding of perishable cargo requires skill, courage and creativity. Issues of equipment and space availability, sensitive cargo handling, packaging, storage, and understanding carrier’s rates and rules make the forwarding of perishable cargo an art form of which we are MASTERS.

Whether it is ice cream, confections, fresh fruit or other perishables, MASTERS is committed to making sure that the product arrives by air or sea in as fresh condition as it was shipped.

MASTERS is a reliable partner of companies in the chilled and frozen products business, and it offers tailored solutions for special problems. MASTERS will, upon request, be able to provide pick-up and delivery service, cold packing, cold storage and temperature control (and monitoring) of both air and sea cargo.

Whatever your reefer cargo may be - fresh, chilled or frozen - MASTERS provides expert handling and dependable service to all parts of the world - by air and by sea, giving our customers a global competitive edge.