MASTERS is an IATA (International Air Transport Association)-certified agent maintaining excellent relationships with all international and domestic airlines. This allows us to provide maximum routing and rate flexibility for urgent shipments or just in time order fulfillments. An expanded range of regular flight services offers convenient and reliable connections to the major international commercial centers.

MASTERS negotiates and maintains national and international agreements with all the leading air carriers. We negotiate and secure Global Volume Rates to remain competitive and to provide the exporter/shipper with the best possible rates.

Weekly air consolidations are offered to all international airports. Door-to-door service, pick ups and deliveries are some of the many services we offer upon request.

MASTERS provides specialized service for perishable items. Whether it is ice cream, confections, or fresh fruit, MASTERS can make sure it arrives on time and in fresh condition.

MASTERS provides International Quick Action Expedited Service for those sample orders that need to be somewhere on the first available direct flight.

The airfreight service is one of MASTERS' strategic priorities. Gradual expansion of our range of services and a steady consolidation of our market position is central to our strategy.